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Healing Intention Oil

Healing Intention Oil

This Healing Intention Oil is a handcrafted creation that is commonly used for healing rituals, including mental healing, emotional healing, bodily healing and spiritual healing.

With an intention specific combination of real herbs, essential oils and specific color that correlates to the correct vibes necessary for maximum potency, it is believed to focus healing of a broken heart, enhance spells, invoke and draw healing of emotions after a break up, healing of the mental mind and also the physical body of the toll these events may have taken.

Also traditionally used as a healer of stress. The combination of these blended potent essential oils and botanicals is believed to invigorate peace of mind, relieve grief, and stimulate courage.

Legal Disclaimer: The items at The Hippie Witch are handcrafted. Each sale are not to be used or are intended to be used in replacement for professional advice such as medical, legal, psychological, or business

**They are sold as curios and should be used with the client’s intentions **

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